"In this semi-autobiographical novel, author William Hogg takes us back to his summer on the Hardy farm where he learns about the importance of family, friendship and words in pre-Civil Rights era Georgia. He fills it with fun, life lessons, and occasional sobering moments presented in the distinctive vernacular of a nine-year-old Southern boy. This reader zipped through it in an afternoon and loved every minute of it." - N.K.W.

"This was such a joy to read. The author has a gift for telling stories and his main character is an old black man full of wisdom. We should all wish for such a relationship. My husband and I both read this and loved it." - D.W.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved all the characters and the stories. Once I had started it...I couldn't put it down. Mr Hogg must have had a magical childhood!!" - C.P.